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Thanks ALADS for the opportunity to visit the Men and Women at Men’s Central Jail

It’s not as you think. If you are Deputy Sheriff, you will be the one that has met two of our wonderful agents that were at Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles California.

Here is our share on Google Plus – Enjoy the show!

Thanks to Lisa B. Kaul and Debbie Lium for the great job with representing The Paris911 Team of Realtors!

Here is the contact info for Lisa and Debbie!

Here are the photos that were taken – the Deputies Faces have been taken away to protect them!

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Using a “deputy friendly” real estate company and their agents

LASD real estate valuations

What does “Deputy Friendly” exactly mean?

When I was with the PD – it seemed that everywhere we went to buy something requiring credit, everyone had the “best deal” for those in uniform.

At the end of the day, it was not “such a good deal”.

In fact, it seemed that I paid more for things that the “regular folk” got at a discount.

Maybe it was my “trusting nature”, which goes against everything that people “get” about cops and deputies.

However, when we aren’t dealing with a dirt bag, it seemed that the “regular” people could be trusted.

Being “Deputy Friendly” means being able to show, factually and in writing, the “deal” that is being presented (pitched) to those who serve.

The same applies to anyone in uniform and those that “go the extra mile” to earn those greenbacks in their pocket.

We are proud to attend a function with ALADS this coming week and look forward to meeting those whom we don’t know yet.

Be safe out there. Watch your six and let The Paris911 Team at RE/MAX of California know when you are ready for us to represent you.

Thanks to the men and women of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department for their patronage

Every year around this time our Paris911 team has a sit down to recap the years events. We still have about a month and 10 days to go, but it seems as we get ready to close out November, this is what we do.

From everyone here at the Paris911 Team of Realtors, we wish to extend our gratitude to the men and women of the LASD that have utilized our services.

The trust that was given was never misplaced nor taken for granted.

Looking back on 2013, we have represented many types of Deputies interested in some form or fashion in real estate.

Some complicated short sale transactions kept my team and I on our toes.

Having some deputies, we represented on the buyers side, having to compete with cash offers, when they were only able to use VA financing, showed how valuable the relationships in real estate are that we keep.

Being able to use the fact we are representing an LEO went a long way with some of the Standard sales that had a plethora of offers having been submitted by non-leo buyers.(LEO – law enforcement officer)

So many great experiences and with all of that, we never once dropped the ball and kept our clients informed all of the way.

Thanks again for the experiences to the Men and Women of the LASD that trust the Paris911 Team to serve and protect their real estate interests.

And our extreme gratitude to all that serve this country!

Here is our recent ad for the December issue of the Alads Dispatcher.  Be safe and click on the photo to gain access to our Southern California property monitoring system we developed specially for the men and women of Law Enforcement.

Real Estate ad for the Paris911 Team in the LASD magazine

Serving the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department with Real Estate

There is a handful of “realtors” that say they “deal” with the LASD personnel with regard to their real estate needs.

I have seen this over and over again since I was a full LAPD sworn officer.

They’d come into Roll Call (briefing), and they would pitch.  They said they were the “Best of” real estate.  On many occasions they were the “mother of, sister of, brother of, relative of, etc…”.

How much better can it get – getting taken advantage of by family – GREAT!!!

We learned early on that sometimes that was not the best route.  In fact, we had see that many of those that were “self proclaimed” experts fell short of the mark.

It’s not easy being a representative of Law Enforcement when it comes to buying real estate.

They question everything, they don’t take anything for granted and they want answers and results.

However, that is a great fit for my team – because I was one, and so was Paris.  We did not retire – there is no “medical” pension in place to support us in the “off seasons”.  We have to work hard each and every day.

This is a full time career for the both of us and for our additional Paris911 Team members.

I only say that to demonstrate how serious we are about Real Estate and that we have Focus – Be safe – thanks for reading and let us know when you are ready for our help.

Alads Dispatcher Real Estate ad for the LASD

LASD Foreclosure Radar Search for pre foreclosures, notice of defaults, Bank Owned and Auctions

When searching for real estate that is for sale – one of the things that may benefit you is looking at the real estate that his not on the active market as of yet.

Just make sure you are viewing the right system.  Those that are built around stealing your personal information and selling it is the type of real estate search and informational system that you “SHOULD NOT” be using.

You want to hook up with a local team of real estate agents that have made it their business to represent the men and women of the LASD with the utmost in honesty, code and respect.

Without that, you are hanging yourselves out to dry.  Ask a round – see what those you work with are saying about Paris MacIvor’s real estate team at REMAX of California, known as Paris911.

Be safe – search well and let us know when you are ready for our help with those “real estate needs” you have.


What gives us the Right to Represent the men and women of the Los Angeles County sheriff’s department?

We cover the men and women of the LASD when it comes to real estateI suppose it’s because we have a proven record with assisting the men and women of the LASD with their real estate needs in the Greater Los Angeles area and where we are Head Quartered in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

However, I won’t stop there and lead anyone to ‘assume’ that we have some sort of an innate right to be the ONLY real estate representatives of the LASD.

We come from serving for 22 years total with the LAPD (don’t hold that against us :) ).  17 years regular – in the field for the entire time, working motors for 13 of those 17 years.  Serving our clients in real estate since 1998 and Paris(my better 1/2 and partner since 1999).

An additional 5 years as a Reserve Officer with the LAPD, teaching firearms/tactics at Davis Training Academy – and that’s it.

We have had some great clientele from the LASD that have found us by referral from their partners.  We have also been blessed to have some of our Sheriff clientele come from seeing our Full Page ad in the ALADS Dispatcher.

We are here to stay so you can have a real estate advocate in your corner to assist you with all of your real estate needs.

Never Fear – The Paris911 Team is here :) – Be safe and let us know when you are ready to move…

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